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Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours to Hell and Back

Gordon Ramsay is hitting the road in his state-of-the-art mobile kitchen, Hell on Wheels. He travels to struggling restaurants all over the UK, hoping to bring them back from the brink of disaster, all in just 24 hours.

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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Monday 23 Jul 2018
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    ML New Series: Gordon Ramsay works around the clock to bring failing restaurants back from the brink of disaster. This week, he travels to Congers, NY to attempt to save a family run Italian bistro.

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      • Monday 18 Feb

      ML Gordon Ramsay journeys to New Orleans, Louisiana, to lend a hand at The Trolley Stop Cafe.

      • Monday 25 Feb

      ML Gordon Ramsay travels to Allentown, Pennsylvania to try and breathe new life into The Shanty on 19th, a has-been restaurant located in Allentown's West End Theatre district.

      • Monday 4 Mar

      ML This week, Gordon Ramsay travels to Waterbury, Connecticut to try to save Vasi's, a family owned Italian restaurant.

      • Monday 11 Mar

      ML Ramsay and his team try to revamp Catfish Cabin, a traditional Southern-style restaurant in Memphis, Tennessee.

      • Monday 18 Mar

      ML Gordon helps a family-owned, fine-dining restaurant in Connecticut and finds that the owners have let their sons and coworkers slack off resulting in poor food quality and a dirty restaurant.

      • Monday 25 Mar

      ML Gordon Ramsay and his team discover that the family dynamic is creating a challenging work environment at Bayou on the Vine, a family-owned-and-operated Cajun restaurant in Kansas City.

      • Monday 1 Apr

      ML Ramsay and his team attempt to revamp Boardwalk 11, a gastropub and karaoke bar located in Los Angeles.

      • Monday 8 Apr

      ML Ramsay and his team attempt to revamp Los Toros, a Mexican restaurant located in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles; the owner is overworked in debt and battling health problems.