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Buying a house can be a tricky business, especially in England! Property experts Phil and Kirstie help out some lucky locals in their quest to find their dream home.

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    Wednesday 10 Apr
    • Season 21, Episode 1

    G Kirstie and Phil start a new series with a trip to Greater Manchester to help two couples land their dream property in a complex housing market.

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      • Season 20A, Episode 7

      G Kirstie searches for a property in a small seaside town where there's nothing on sale. Phil meets a couple looking for a place to raise chickens.

      • Season 20A, Episode 6

      G Kirstie and Phil help one couple struggling with their house search, and an American couple hoping to settle in one of the city's priciest areas.

      • Season 20A, Episode 5
      • 25 days left to view

      G Kirstie and Phil help two sets of buyers come to terms with the competitive property scene in Nottingham, where trendy homes in the right spot are scarce.

      • Season 20A, Episode 4
      • 24 days left to view

      G Kirstie helps friends Joe, Will and Joe get their foot on the tricky London property ladder. Phil meets newlyweds Leon and Cherrelle, who have been living with granny while saving a deposit.

      • Season 20A, Episode 3
      • 23 days left to view

      G Kirstie's with Craig and Rich, who've been looking for a home to start a family in for over a year. Phil's helping a mother and daughter looking for a sound investment for the whole family.

      • Season 20A, Episode 2
      • 22 days left to view

      G Kirstie and Phil help Louise and Johnny find a family-friendly pad in Weybridge, and Ros and Alex who want a countryside home.

      • Season 20A, Episode 1
      • 21 days left to view

      G Kirstie and Phil visit Kent, where a family of six need a new home while some London buyers seek something idyllic by the sea.

      • Season 19B, Episode 11
      • 18 days left to view

      G Phil catches up with two sets of family planners - civil partners Ally and Jo in London, and Steve and Jo in Cardiff. Did the two couples find the right nests?

      • Season 19B, Episode 10
      • 17 days left to view

      G In London, Phil Spencer catches up with Krystle and Sam, who wanted a fun party pad near the river, and Jason and Jaye, who found Clapham beyond their budget.

      • Season 19B, Episode 9
      • 16 days left to view

      G Kirstie and Phil catch up with two couples they helped get onto the property ladder in the brutal London property market. Where do they live now?

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