Stake Out

Stake Out

Tom and Chris have their own Stake Out business, run entirely from the confines of their Toyota Starlet. They may not have many customers, but they sure have a lot of fun.

Stake Out
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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Mob

    AO Chris and Tom have started up their own Stake Out Company. Their first job? Scoping out a gang headquarters. What could go wrong? Turns out everything.

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      • Nurses

      ML Chris may have been shot, but he still brings the sass. And with the help of his nurse, Olivia, he might just make it through. Starring Jess Joy Wood.

      • Costumes

      ML Tom and Chris have to infiltrate a notorious gang and have decided disguises are the way to go. They've employed top disguise designer, Kirstie, to help them out. Starring Justine Smith.

      • Lessons

      ML Chris is finally learning to drive, but his charismatic driving instructor isn't really pushing him. Starring Guy Montgomery.

      • Retail Therapies

      ML Chris has blown the budget on the latest spyware. And Tom ain't happy about it.

      • Roadworks

      ML Tom doesn't want to drive through the loose gravel and mucky up his freshly cleaned car. The stop/go lady, Radz, has other ideas. Starring Madeleine Sami.

      • Parties

      ML Season Final: It's the Stake Out Mid-Christmas Company Party and all the employees have been invited! Starring Lucy Zee, Jaquie Brown, Ally Xue.