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  • What Next? Episodes

      • Sunday 11 Jun

      PGR New Series: Nigel Latta and John Campbell team up to ask the big question - what do we want our lives to look like in 20 years' time? Tonight, how will technology advancements impact our lives?

      • Monday 12 Jun

      PGR Nigel Latta, John Campbell and a group of forward-thinking Kiwis look at what 'clean green NZ' will look like in twenty years.

      • Tuesday 13 Jun

      PGR There are potentially massive economic disruptions heading our way, so how do we prepare ourselves for an uncertain future where all the rules might be very different?

      • Wednesday 14 Jun

      PGR As the world changes, do we need to change the very fundamentals of how we live our lives? Nigel Latta and John Campbell investigate.

      • Thursday 15 Jun

      PGR Final: New Zealand has spoken, and tonight Nigel Latta and John Campbell use that collective vision to create a road map for the values we want to drive us forward into the next two decades.